My Lover's Coming Back :')

15 July 2011

Sorry ....

I feel having a hard breathing problem
Because feel like you gonna leave me
You re my air
I really wanna cry out .
But i don know why i cant
Only one word can i describe right now is "Pain"
I feel like heart broken (pain)
I wanna tell you actually 
I gonna miss you !
I gonna crazy if keep on continue like today
I gonna cry like a baby
I gonna be a lost kid without you
And right now i wish is you be with me like last time or let me be robot
Now i am living with my tears my sadness 
The music is playing following my mood.
Listen the sad song make me wanna cry more .
I feel like you re going to change
I hate this feeling
Because this what i feel before he left.
And now feel like you re going to leave me too
Last time i am full confident you not gonna left me.
But now i don have confident that you gonna be with me forever
I try my best .
I do my best
I being patient.
I control all my feeling
I control my anger
I don want to complain anything about this love
You know why? 
Because I love you ,I don want to loose you
I don care if you re busy 
I will be here waiting you
Because i know you will have time for me later.
Re you leaving me now?
I feel really stuck and suck without you
Honestly i start crying .
I cant sleep well now
This relationship started so fast and i don wish it end that fast
I wish it never end ...
But if you really cant go this through anymore than
It is ok for me .
Honestly all those moment when we being together 
I really so happy .. Maybe damn happy
Already long time i never enjoy my day like this
Missing someone like this.
But then today i realized 
Something wrong 
I notice that everything going wrong
I know what it mean.
I really don know what should i do.
I try my best already
I know so hard for you accept the new me .
What change in me just the way i clothing 
My style.
I still who i am .
Every time you say you miss me 
Actually i miss you more than you miss me
I being to deep in this love?
I guess i am ..
I wanna love you more and more everyday
But one thing i have forget .
Do you love me?
You know why i ask you this question?
Because i love that when you say yes,you love me
I feel so happy knowing you love me
When i sad i think about you
Then i gonna smile because you love me.
You re the strength for me when i fall
You the one make stand up again each time i fall 
You know i never ever leave you because you re like the air to me
Do you know?
You re the only one in my heart .
I love you only
I miss you every time
Wonder do you miss me?
I know you re dissapoint with me now.
You will be gone for a few day.
I don know i should say goood or not
Maybe both of need time to calm down with ourself 
But at the same time i worry when i am not your side someone gonna replace me
But if someone gonna replace my place 
It is not your wrong because i am not perfect for you .
The new she is better than me.
If there is another girl love you too
I not gonna fight with them to have you
Because if someone really belong to us not matter what happen it will always be ours
But then if that person choose someone else mean that he is not the one we re searching for
I never tell you that i am jealous .
Because i think it is just a stupid thing 
I don want make you feel bad .
So i just control that idiot feeling
How jealous i am .
I just being silent 
I am sorry for not telling you
What gonna change if i tell you i am jealous?
Nothing gonna change and we might fight for that
Even do we have make a promise 
But i still keep on telling you not leave me
I just wanna keep on remind you
That i really don want you to leave
If one day you choose to leave me 
I have a request.
Dont ever forget or hate me 
Remember i love you always even do you leave me
Take care of yourself and always being happy
I love you always and forever with my heart 
I will pray for you . ^_^
Even do you re not belong to me anymore i wish you can always be happy
And sorry i am not perfect like you wanted .
Maybe someone can love you better than i do
But you will never found a person like me again in this earth
Appreciate those love , caring ,kindness,happiness,sadness that i have given 

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